We are going to have some CRAZY COOL classes from local instructors with a variety of styles and backgrounds THAT WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT! There will be six different classes that include Tap(Sorry!), African, House, Solo Jazz, and Lindy Hop... and our instructor's main direction is to keep it funky! 





Dufon "Orb" Smith


Orb has been dancing professionally, competing and teaching for over 15 years, attending major dance events worldwide as a contestant, special guest judge and teacher.  Orb, has taught dance workshops in over 10 different countries including Europe Asia and Australia and holds a wealth of knowledge as a mentor and personal coach. Teaching Hip Hop & House Foundation, Creating Awareness of Music (Musicality/Originality), Dance Theory and Hip Hop Dance History (Bboying & House), Dufon guides students in self expression, building Confidence and the natural ability to become one with the music.

Class description: To help build Self Expression and Confidence. I will be Teaching House Foundation, Creating Awareness of Music (Musicality/Originality) through House Dancing. Let the music tell you how to move.

Orb in Action 





SOLO JAZZ "Cats in Hats":

Michael “Dargoff” Darigol 



One day long ago, a strong and gentle Mommy Dargoff, and a courageous and kind daddy Dargoff fell in love.  In fact, they loved each so much, that they made (perhaps accidentally) a little Dargoff.  Little Dargoff found joy in many many things, like baseball, bicycles, pinball, and Rainier. But, Little Dargoff grew to love two things most of all, hats (maybe 'cause of the hairline?), and Vernacular Jazz (Lindy Dargoff).  Join us as our grown up Little Dargoff shares with you, the marriage his favorite two, The Hat Trick Tranky Doo.

UPDATE: “The Hat Trick Tranky Doo” says Dargoff “will no longer do.  If it’s your dance you want to free, bring your cap and you shall see.  We will do exactly that, dance ALL our solo Jazz in hats!”

ps: Bring your hats dancing cats! Have more for friends?  We'd sure love that!



Sara Lee Parker Mansare


Sarah Lee graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness (Exercise Science, Public Health, Youth Studies and Nutrition) from the University of Minnesota. She has been a member of the University of Minnesota Repertory and Hamanah Don Dance Companies, managed the Fitness Program at the West Seattle YMCA, and is currently a Personal Trainer and Life Coach working with people one on one to heal, expand and transform their physical, mental and emotional capacities.

When Sarah Lee first discovered West African Dance in 1993, she was hooked immediately, and spent the next decade studying with dozens of well-known instructors from various parts of West Africa. In 2004, Sarah Lee’s passion for this art form took her to Senegal and then Guinea West Africa on a dance intensive with her primary instructor: Master Dancer Youssouf Koumbassa.

She has since returned to Guinea thirteen more times for multiple months at a time to dance and learn from some of the best West African dancers and instructors in the world. Each year she delves into intensive personalized study in various parts of Guinea with artists such as Alseny Bangoura, Mamadama Camara, Aly Mara and Sorel Conte, all of whom are Principal Dancers with West Africa's finest performance company Les Ballets Africains.

Sarah Lee has fallen completely in love with the people, the culture and the music and dance of Guinea West Africa. She is now living in Seattle, powerfully committed to sharing her love and knowledge of this amazing culture, building a bridge between these two very different cultures. She teaches weekly classes in the community, as well in the dance department at the University of Washington.

A true healer in the best sense of the word, her infectious enthusiasm, playfulness and generosity of spirit, make her the perfect ambassador for the West African traditions that she shares from her heart.




Katie Kihara & Mark Kihara



Mark Kihara loves lindy hop.  Nothing brings him more joy than sharing his passion for the dance and its music.  He has taught weekly classes and workshops all over the world, including being a featured instructor of Herräng Dance Camp.  Additionally he is an accomplished performer, competitor, judge, dj, emcee, event producer, and lover of fried chicken.  Inspired and tireless, Mark makes believers out of anyone who ever wondered if they could dance.

Katie Kihara has been dancing most of her life and discovered lindy hop as a teenager. Inspired by lindy hop's partnership and rhythm, Katie takes joy in both the social dance floor and the performance stage. She has been a member of multiple performance troupes including Sister Kate and Swing-a-majig. As an instructor, Katie prides herself on clear instruction that keeps classes lively and fun.

Together Mark & Katie focus on a partnership dynamic that allows for each to inspire and support the other.  They currently teach for The Century Ballroom in Seattle.





Miranda Longaker


Miranda dove into the Swing dance community while studying music at the University of Colorado at Boulder back in 2005 and has been infatuated ever since. While Lindy is her love, she adores all forms of American vintage dance and has a particular passion for several dances like St. Louis Shag, Solo Blues and Balboa. Over the years, Miranda has extensively studied human body kinetics through Alexander Technique which, combined with a true love for vernacular movement and improvisation, has led her to become a skilled and dynamic solo dancers.
She is currently infatuated with studying and battling street and club styles of dance, including House, Waacking, Hustle, Dance Hall, and Vogue. 
Always looking for better ways to captivate, inspire, and connect with her audience, Miranda's classes are technique oriented, yet playful and imaginative. She believes that, to create an ideal learning environment, teaching must be a balance between enhancing natural movement and practical applications. Her effervescent personality will be seen dancing all over!
Miranda Longaker St Louis Shim Sham
Calico Goodrich
Calico Goodrich is a true renaissance woman, who has spent almost her entire life making ill-advised decisions, yet somehow everything seems to be working out. She has chosen lindy hop as her spiritual path and has taken the ballroom as her church. Her dance credentials include a dance minor from the University of Washington, and current bi-weekly classes at the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company. She has 14 glorious years of lindy hop experience and almost as many years of the misunderstood art of slow dancing. She has been a serious student of Guinean traditional music and dancing for 5 years, traveling to West Africa twice to study with performers from Les Ballets Africains (the national dance company of the Republic of Guinea). She has been validated by her peers in the form of unsolicited compliments and the occasional lindy hop competition wins.
Chris Chapman
For over two decades Chris Chapman has passionately studied the many techniques and styles of Lindy Hop and the dance forms from the larger family of Authentic Jazz Dances, and he feels fortunate to have trained with many of the early dancers who became legends in the 1930s, 40s, & 50s. While Chris has always been based in Seattle, he has taught has taught in numerous places across North America. Chris brings to dancers his study of bio mechanics, various movement philosophies, and the field of how people acquire new skills. Along with his deep appreciation of the dance’s history. He's an American Lindy Hop Champion, a Pacific Northwest Lindy Hop Champion, and an Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown Champion. Chris has choreographed and performed for numerous plays, musicals, and shows. Founder of the University of Washington Swing Kids and then HepCat Productions, he offers many levels of Lindy hop classes and Seattle's longest running all ages dance. Chris formed, trained, and choreographed the American Lindy Hop Championship performance team Zah-Zu-Zay.
Find out more about Chris and his offerings at www.seattleswing.com