Code of Conduct

Savoy Swing Club Safe Space Policy & Code of Conduct


We as the board members of the Savoy Swing Club endeavor to create as safe a space as possible for both our members and the Seattle swing dance community at large. As such, we celebrate the differences amongst our members and have a zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment for the following reasons: sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status (class), race, ability, age, mental health, education, and size. Regardless of the severity, please bring your (harassment-related) concerns to any Savoy Swing Club board member as soon as you feel comfortable. If you are not sure whether an incident constitutes harassment, feel free to ask the board’s opinion. If we don’t know, we will find out. We reserve the right to remove anyone for violating our safe space policy & code of conduct as well as to intervene and evaluate situations that have been brought to our attention. If a situation has not been considered resolved by either parties in a harassment complaint, there will be opportunity to have the situation further evaluated by the Safety Team.

No Jeepers Creepers

Dancing is a wonderful way to meet a variety of people, however our events are not your dating pool. We absolutely encourage friendly socializing but any predatory behavior will be addressed immediately.

Shake It & Break It

We know that aerials are fun and look great, but we ask that you refrain from aerials or dips during any Savoy Swing Club social dances. This helps us prevent physical injuries, especially on smaller dance floors.

Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well?

If you are drinking or using conscious altering substances, please do not drive rather let a board member know and we will arrange a way home for you. If you believe someone is unsafe to get home please alert a board member immediately. Supplying alcohol & substances to a minor is illegal and often plays a role in harassment or assault, it will not be tolerated and will have you immediately expelled from our events. It should be noted that our weekly dance, Savoy Mondays at the Clubhouse, are an absolutely alcohol-free event.

We want to provide the best, safest experience for people who attend our events, if you believe there are ways we could improve or provide further resources please email us at [email protected] Our thanks to Mobtown Ballroom (Baltimore), Nevermore Jazz Ball (St. Louis), and Swing out Sydney (Australia) for the inspiration from their current policies. Credit also belongs to Meg Strader & Nancy Mariano in their aid in drafting this policy.

 The Savoy Swing Club Board
Nick Gorman (president), Rima Kaboul (vice president),
   Francesca Gigi (treasurer), Brittany Daly (secretary)
Zoe Miller (board member), Evvie Vincow (board member),
    Aria Coveney (board member), Charlie Fieseler (board member),
Roberto Sonninno (board member)


A great visual on Dance-floor Etiquette from Swing Patrol