Donate to Savoy Swing Club, a nonprofit organization [501(c)3], to enable us to continue our weekly dances and open practice nights at the Lowdown Ballroom, as well as special events like the Seattle Lindy Exchange/Seattle Lindy Extravaganza.

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William Ehlhardt
Dennis McCabe
Steven Hitchcock
Steven Hitchcock
Deqing Li
Nicolas Gorman
Keith Dawson
Jenny Lee
Johann De Guzman
Jean-Michel Oblette
Dina Blade
Julia Roberson
Jean-Michel Oblette
Mark Hanrahan
John Dzikiy
Shane Allen
Shane Allen
John Dzikiy
Caitlin Bullerkist
Christine Murphy
Julie Hobson
Marie Welton
Koichi Tsunoda
Seth Pearson
Sarah Myers
Terry Cowen
Macy Weinman
Taylor Posey
Judy Pritchett
Michael Monn