Note: You need to wear a mask and be fully COVID-19 vaccinated to attend Savoy Swing Club events. Your ID and vaccination status (physical or digital record) will be verified in person. Let's work together to protect our community!


Savoy Mondays

Join the fun at Savoy Mondays this October! Come for the lesson at 7:30 and stay for the social dance at 8:30. Our instructors this month are Frances and Farooq!

October at Savoy: Keep It Moving!
Moves and ideas to keep the dance moving.  We love dances that feel like you've hit the flow state, so join us for journey through technique and big picture themes that guide our dancing.

Farooq Khan - he/him - is a lindy hop and jazz dance instructor/performer/competitor currently based in Seattle, WA, who has made many international dance floors his home. He values teaching dancers to move their bodies in inspiring and unique ways (both with a partner and solo), and to truly dance movements instead of just doing steps.

Frances Wolfe started lindy hopping as a first-year at her college swing club and never looked back. This dance has taken her on many adventures through numerous cities and places all over the world. Deep down, she just loves connecting to the music and moving through rhythm. She believes that nothing compares to the joy of grooving with another person, and she encourages students to find that joy and partnership in their dancing while honoring the roots of the dance.


Practice Space (Tuesdays 8:30-10:30 p.m.)

The Savoy Practice Space is open at the Lowdown Ballroom every Tuesday evening. Maybe you want to practice your Shim Sham or get a handle on the swingout. Maybe you want to film your Balboa turns, or just improvise without enraging your downstairs neighbor. Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, if there's something you want to work on, this is the place. Questions? Please send a message to Evvie through the club's Facebook page.

Cost: FREE for members, $5 for non-members.


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