Savoy Swing Club (SSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and spreading vintage swing dance throughout Seattle. Savoy Swing Club is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation supported by its members.

Formed in 1993, SSC is run and managed by a board of community members who volunteer their time and energy.


The mission of the Savoy Swing Club is to preserve and promote the enjoyment and cultural heritage of Lindy hop and its related dances. To this end, the SSC offers: instruction; performances; and sponsors workshops, dances, and social events to people of all ages.

In all of our projects, we strive to support the existing Lindy hop community in Seattle and raise up local artists. We have a goal to educate our local community about Lindy hop, and provide opportunities for newcomers to connect within our community. With positivity and welcoming arms, the ultimate goal is bringing folks together in the name of dance. 


What makes SSC unique? 

    • We're one of longest running non-profit swing organizations in Seattle. 
    • We cultivate diverse types of teachers and give a platform for new teachers to grow and hone their craft. 
    • We seek and promote partnerships with other local organizations focused on the arts.
    • We help run several different annual events and have a handful of years in event management experience.
    • We have dance liability insurance for instructors and board members, creating a safe space for all. 
    • We cultivated our own community outreach program, Rhythm Seattle. 



SSC is supported by our members and through donations. Donate today to enable us to continue the weekly dances at the Clubhouse, open practice nights at Dance Underground and events like the Seattle Lindy Extravaganza. It also helps support our outreach program, Rhythm Seattle, which brings jazz education to an underserved middle school in Seattle. 

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To join SSC, follow the "Membership" tab, or click here.

Through the National FastDance Association, our club dance activities are properly & legally licensed by: ASCAP, BMI and SESAC