Become a member of Savoy Swing Club to help us keep the club's mission and culture alive. Membership provides predictable income for the club and multiple benefits for you.


  • FREE SSC t-shirt
  • FREE admission to Savoy Fridays, our social dance at the Lowdown Ballroom
  • FREE classes at Savoy Fridays
  • FREE admission to the Tuesday night practice space at the Lowdown Ballroom
  • $3 off admission to the Century Ballroom on Wednesday
  • Discounts at all other events organized by SSC
  • Discounts at major dance events including Camp Jitterbug

Membership Tiers

We offer three membership tiers. Our Silver membership is the best dance deal in town, hands down. If your finances permit, please consider signing up for a Gold or Platinum membership, as these offer vital support for our programs. Whatever tier you choose, your membership fees feed back into the local community and help us build the Seattle dance scene.  

Select your tier below to become a member.








*Memberships can be started, canceled, and restarted at any time. Please see our instructions page