Savoy Swing Club partners with community organizers and organizations to help the execution of events and programs for dance. Some of our sponsorships include the Seattle Lindy Exchange, Killer Diller Weekend, Savoy Swing Jam, Roots, Sister Kate Dance Company, and hosting a weekly practice space for dancers on Tuesday evenings at Lowdown Ballroom.


Interested in working with us? First, we need to get to know you.

To be eligible for sponsorship from SSC:

a) Provide a proposal to the SSC board at least 1 week prior to the monthly board meeting, including:

i. Name of Event
ii. Mission Statement
iii. How & why it aligns with the vision of SSC 
vi. What you need from SSC 
NOTE: If you are asking for monetary sponsorship, a budget is required!
v. What you will provide at your event
NOTE: If you are providing alcohol or food, describe all permits and protocol regarding handling and consumption that will be used in detail. 

b) After your submittal, the board will review and vote on proposals. You may be asked to present your proposal to the board in person. After a vote has passed, the SSC board will contact you with next steps. 


Savoy Swing Club is a proud partner of:

Camp Jitterbug 2018