Savoy Swing Club is a non-profit run and managed by a board of volunteer community members.

Interested in helping out? Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

  • Join the Board! Our volunteer board meets at least monthly to create programming for Savoy Swing Club, from hiring teacher and DJs to planning lessons and special events.
    We are currently in need of more board members! To learn more, contact us to attend one of our board meetings to see if it is a right fit for you (no initial commitment necessary). If you want to join, the board will take a vote.
  • Door shifts at the Lowdown Ballroom
  • Event Volunteering. Get partial or full event registration in exchange for helping out at an event. This can be anything from helping load in equipment, cleanup, door shifts, website development, DJ-ing and more!
  • Join a Sub-CommitteeHave a specific skill in Graphic Design, Web Development, and/or Marketing? Let us know and we'll put your creative skills to work!
  • Become a MemberIf you don’t have enough time to volunteer with us, consider becoming a member! Choose your level of membership and help support our mission financially.