Past Board Members

Gina Keppel (President 2009-2011, Secretary 2007-2009)

Justin Hill (Vice President 2009-2011, Instructor Coordinator 2008-2009)

Anna Blair (Events 2008-2011)

Claire Burke (Secretary 2009-2011, Vice President 2011-2013)

Chanel Schwartz (Events 2011-2013)

Ally Stoneham (Secretary 2011-2013)

Steven Stevenson (Membership 2011-2013)

Dan Newsome (Membership 2010-2011, President 2011-2013, 2016-2017)

Byron Stuart (President 2007-2009)

Lee Broxson (Marketing 2007-)

Freddie Dickinson (Vice President 2007-2009)

Mary Woodruff (Membership 2008-2010)

Oliver Lundt (Treasurer 2008-2010)

Brenda Aldridge (Membership 2007-2008)

Jason Schroeder (Webmaster 2007-2009)

Guy Caridi (Instructor Coordinator extraordinaire)

Many people in the Seattle swing dancing community have contributed to SSC leadership by serving on the board. See the SSC History section for more people involved before 2005.