Past Board Members

Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of past Savoy Swing Club board members. Thank you for your time volunteering with our organization!

See someone missing from the list? We are working on updating our records of 30 years of club history. Please contact us to let us know!

Sasha Zelenski (Secretary, Board Member, 2023)

Kushal Jhunjhunwalla (Volunteer Coordinator, Board Member, 2023)

Caroline Riley (President, Board Member, 2021-2023)

Leo Joyce (Board Member, 2022-2023)

Michael Shvartsman (Board Member, 2022-2023)

Emily Norton (Board Member, 2021-2022)

Nick Gorman (President, Board Member, 2020-2021)

Brittany Daly (Secretary, Board Member, 2020-2022)

Thena Sears (Community Liaison, Blues Underground Director)

Robin Chow

Roberto Sonnino

Aria Coveney

Charlie Fiessler

Brandon Khuu

Sean Dunn

Jonathan Ng

Aaron Lewis

Lily Ryan

Frances Wolfe

Clare Riley

Logan Chinn

Heather Broxson

Gina Keppel (President 2009-2011, Secretary 2007-2009)

Justin Hill (Vice President 2009-2011, Instructor Coordinator 2008-2009)

Anna Blair (Events 2008-2011)

Claire Burke (Secretary 2009-2011, Vice President 2011-2013)

Chanel Schwartz (Events 2011-2013)

Ally Stoneham (Secretary 2011-2013)

Steven Stevenson (Membership 2011-2013)

Dan Newsome (Membership 2010-2011, President 2011-2013, 2016-2017)

Byron Stuart (President 2007-2009)

Lee Broxson (Marketing 2007-2017)

Edgar Ejecito (Treasurer 2007-2009)

Jo Coker (2007-2008)

Freddie Dickinson (Vice President 2007-2009)

Mary Woodruff (Membership 2008-2010)

Oliver Lundt (Treasurer 2008-2010)

Brenda Aldridge (Membership 2007-2008)

Jason Schroeder (Webmaster 2007-2009)


Founding Members:

Guy Caridi (Instructor Coordinator extraordinaire)

Roger Mowery

Julie Cauthorn

Viola Spencer

Matt Liu

Nancy Fry

Christine Sampson


[photo description: The 2018 Savoy Swing Club Board (not pictured: Clare Riley) at the Savoy Swing Club Holiday Party]