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Elaine & Stefan

Elaine and Stefan bring a broad range of perspectives and influences to their jazz dance. Since age the age of 3, Elaine has been diving deep into many disciplines of dance. She has studied and taught Ballet, Modern, Ballroom, Tango, and Hoop Dance. While living in New Orleans, she discovered the joy of Lindy Hop and got seriously hooked. As a full-time Pilates instructor, she possesses a vast knowledge of human anatomy and body mechanics that she employs in all of her classes.

Stefan started studying various styles of partner dance in high school, including Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Latin, and soon after, Lindy Hop. He has danced and performed for many years with the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, the Amazebals, and Yeah Man in New York City. He is known for his connection- and technique-driven approach to teaching dance.

They've both won and placed in competitions across the country and have taught many years worth of classes in Lindy Hop and other dance forms. Their philosophy is rooted in their combined experiences in multiple styles as well as their time in New Orleans and New York, cities known for their live jazz. Their classes emphasize the importance of comfortable technique, equal partnership, and musicality.


Garrett “LockStatic” Crawford

Garrett Crawford also known as LockStatic, is a US Dancer currently living in Seattle, WA. He is primarily focused in the dance style of Locking.

He began learning Locking in 2008, by traveling and learning from some of the original pioneers of the dance, including Greg “Campbellock Jr.”, Flukey Luke, Scoo B Doo, Damita Jo Freeman and others. Garrett competes in Locking across the US and Canada notable competitions include, Juste Debout USA Prelims 2011 (Top 8), Last One Stands Canada 2011 (Semi-Finalist), Vegas Shakedown 2011 (2nd Place), Sunday Funk 2015 (2nd Place) and GrooveMekanex Anniversary 2017 (Quarter Finalist).

He continues his passion to travel, compete and spread the love and knowledge of locking that came from all the pioneers that have taught him throughout the years. And he hopes to continue to spread that where ever he is.


Chris Kaku

Chris Kaku is a Seattle native, Beacon Hill born and bred, who has been a student of the Electric Boogaloo’s style of Popping Boogaloo for the past 18 years. He has battled, performed, judged, and taught through out the PNW since the early 2000’s. He teaches at the Massive Monkees Studio (the Beacon) in Seattle’s International District with his fellow Groove Clan crew mates. and also belongs to Kaku Brothers and 206 ZULU.


Calico Goodrich

Calico Goodrich is a true renaissance woman, who has spent almost her entire life making ill-advised decisions, yet somehow everything seems to be working out. She has chosen dance in general, and lindy hop in particular, as her spiritual path, and has taken the ballroom as her church.

Her dance credentials include 3 years of intensive modern and ballet at the University of Washington. She has 15 glorious years of lindy hop experience and almost as many years of the misunderstood art of slow dancing. She has been a serious student of Guinean traditional music and dancing for 5 years, travelling to West Africa three times to study with performers from Les Ballets Africains (the national dance company of the Republic of Guinea). She has been validated by her peers in the form of unsolicited compliments and the occasional lindy hop competition win.


John Lozano

Having taught Swing and Blues for over 18 years and on three continents, John is ever ready to share his passion for dance as well as his latest investigations. John spends an absurd amount of time every week thinking in-depth on the many aspects of dance.

Like a scientist who looks deeper and deeper into the most fundamental parts of atoms, John searches deep into the constituent parts of partnered movement to see what can be found within and how can it tinkered with. Whether he is explaining fundamentals, exploring variations, or expounding theory, his classes are sure to be fun, and insightful.


Mark Kihara

Mark Kihara has been teaching, performing, and promoting African-American jazz dances since the late 1990s. His primary focus is lindy hop, the original swing dance. Dance has taken him all over the world, most notably as a featured instructor at Sweden’s Herräng Dance Camp. You can find him teaching regular classes and workshops at Seattle’s Century Ballroom. His instruction always shows great respect to swing dance’s originators. Inspired and tireless, Mark makes believers out of anyone who ever wondered if they could swing dance.


Casey Koroshec

Casey Koroshec is a lindy hop and vintage jazz dancer, teacher, performer, and choreographer.

Casey’s love of swing and jazz dance and music began in 1998. Today, she brings her experience to students both locally and nationally. Casey is known for her clear teaching style and approachability. Her students develop solid technique while appreciating the playful side of the dance. She also encourages followers to dance themselves as much as they are “danced by” their leader, to be an equal voice in the creation of a dance.

Casey is an accomplished performer, spending years on Seattle’s Jackson Street Lindy Hoppers. She was a founding member of the Sister Kate, an all female performance group specializing in chorus dancing from the golden era of jazz.

Casey’s philosophy is there is no wrong in the art of dance–there is only intent and effectiveness. If you aren’t expressing yourself as an individual, then you’re not doing yourself justice. As a teacher, her job is inspiring you to find your “dancing voice” and towards self-sufficiency in learning.


Rebecca Lucero

Rebecca Lucero has always believed that the best way to communicate and connect with each other is through movement, and she has been doing so herself since she was seven. Starting with ballet and jazz, she moved quickly through all genres of solo/partner dance available to her, such as West African, Tap, Hip-Hop, Flamenco, and Argentine Tango. However, since she learned of Lindy Hop in early high school, never has her dedication to this freeing, expressive, ecstatically joyful dance wavered. Accolades include; first place awards at the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown with her hometown crew, Groove Juice Special; teaching with some of the best Lindy Hoppers in the country through Savoy Swing Club and HepCat Productions; and performing at the prestigious Benaroya Hall with the Seattle Repertoire Jazz Orchestra. Becca hopes her love affair with Lindy Hop lasts a lifetime, and she will continue to share that love with new and seasoned dancers until her knees give out!


Lee Broxson

Lee has been dancing for over twelve years. He was hooked the first night he went out, and has only fallen more in love with Lindy Hop since then. Lee's taught, competed, worked on 5 performance teams, and traveled to dances all over the world...but his first love is social dancing and creating radical dance beauty together with his partner, no matter who they are.