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Ambidancetrous Mix & Match (Saturday Night) Dance both roles in this mix & match competition, formerly known as the Jack & Jill where dancers are paired with random partners to showcase connection and creativity in a social dance context. This will run as a fairly regular Mix & Match competition but in semi's you must switch roles at least 3x during song and at least once during spotlight on finals. Judging will be on skill and proficiency in both roles, but special notice will be given to number of times you switch (the more the better!) and the balance of leading/following by each partner in the pair. $5/competitor

Anything Goes Strictly (Saturday Night) We will play a variety of music during the semi-finals and finalists will be chosen by those who can best embody whatever music is played in their dancing. Truly any dance style goes! In the finals, it'll be all-jazz-all-the-time but couples will be given special rules during each round of spotlights, to be kept secret until the rounds begin. Find a friend you enjoy dancing with or one who you’re down to get wild and weird with and revel in the extravagance! $10/couple