Tuesday Night Practice

8:45-10:45 at Lowdown Ballroom
628 11th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

Are you interested in improving? Well, then- Savoy Swing Club rents space at Lowdown Ballroom just for YOU to work on your dancing, as an individual, couple or group!

Bring your own songs and share the sound system, or dance to whatever is being played. Sometimes people offer free classes to the community, and will post topics on the facebook event for that particular night - feel free to join!


  • Be courteous of each others practice needs - sometimes routines take up large footprints, but try to be flexible and give others space - don't hog the floor or the music.
  • Keep tap dancing focused and non-distracting so people can concentrate (it is okay to tap dance though).
  • This is not a for-profit space, so it is not to be used to host private lessons or do things for personal financial gain.
  • Use of space is free for all Savoy Swing Club Members, $5 floor fee for non-members (payable via paypal to [email protected]).