Savoy Mondays

Savoy Swing Club Savoy Mondays

  • Savoy Mondays run from 7-11pm (Class from 7-8 and Dance from 8-11) and are located at the Clubhouse in Queen Anne at 1608 4th Ave W, Seattle, WA  98119
  • Classes are all intermediate drop-ins all the time, so no need to worry about a month-long commitment!
  • Follow our Facebook page 'Savoy Swing Club' for weekly information about classes as well as special events!

Pictures from the Holiday Party are up on our Facebook club page!

February at the Clubhouse in Queen Anne is Black History Month and Member Appreciation Month! 
We will have themes all month long (see below), as well as special treats and surprises along the way, ending with a Townhall Meeting on 2/26/2018 from 8-9 (between class and dance) where there will be pizza and discussion about the past and future of Savoy Swing Club... followed by Live Music with Roya and her Seattle Trio!
Feb 5: Animals & Monsters! Go in as little or as much as you want and dress as your best go-to animal.... or a monster, if you're especially creative!
Feb 12: 70s night! Let's see those wide-legged jeans, bell-bottoms, and peace signs!
Feb 19: THE INVADERS FROM MARS HAVE DESCENDED! Dress in your best space outfit... or be an "invader" yourself!
Feb 26: Night at Savoy TOWNHALL with LIVE MUSIC! Come early for Pizza and chatting about the past and future of Savoy Swing Club from 6-7! Feel free to dress up or dress down as much as you'd like- where whatever is best for dancing!
Ana Lisa Sutherland and Joshua Mclean have one phrase for you: HELLA👏🏽BLACK👏🏾LINDY👏🏿HOP!

Remember it well, because for February’s classes they will be focusing on the contributions and lives of two of the most influential African American Lindyhoppers and Jazz Performers: Norma Miller and Frankie Manning. 

Ana Lisa and Josh are looking forward to share with you some of the astonishing anecdotes, cool choreography, and damn good dancing that Frankie and Norma have graced the original and contemporary Lindy Hop communities with. We believe that learning about them is an essential part to learning Lindy Hop, and getting a little closer to that “Hella Black” spirit.

March at Savoy Mondays at the Clubhouse:

We're hosting a month of Tandem Charleston with Sasha Anderson and Lee Broxson, from March 5-26th. They'll be teaching good technique and exciting moves, so while you are definitely welcome to pop in even if you can't make all four weeks, you will get the most out of it if you are able to join every class!

We are trying something new this month: if you know you'll be attending, we'd love to get a general idea of headcounts and it'd be awesome if you could RSVP here:



Due to venue restrictions, we are a member-supported dance and cannot take a fee at the door. That sounds restrictive until you realize Savoy Swing Club Membership is only $10 a month and, on top of many other benefits, it includes all Savoy Monday classes and dances!

What if you're from out of town and only in Seattle for the night? Or, if you haven't been by before and not sure if you want to sign up? Pop in and be our guest for an evening!