Savoy Mondays

  • When: Every Monday, 7-11pm (except 11/19/2018, 12/24/2018, 12/31/2018)


  • Intermediate Class from 7-8pm
  • All-level/Beginner Drop-in 8-8:30pm
  • Dance from 8:30-11pm



  • Price: Free for Savoy Swing Club members and first timers, and $6-8 suggested price for everyone.
  • Classes are all intermediate drop-ins all the time, so no need to worry about a month-long commitment!
  • Follow our Facebook page 'Savoy Swing Club' for weekly information about classes as well as special events!


Pictures from the Holiday Party are up on our Facebook club page!


(John and Chelsea at Eastside Stomp!)
We are so excited to roll out a month of Beginner Ambidancing this January!
Chelsea Dole and John He will be teaching this 4-week course for beginner to beginner-intermediate dancers. If you've never danced before, come on out! If you've danced a bit and want to level out your skills in the two roles, you are welcome too! 

In this class, students will learn connection and Lindy hop essentials as leaders and followers in the same class: splitting dancing time 50/50 between roles. It will not focus on switching between roles in a single dance, but rather developing the separate skills in a shared course structure (stay tuned for the February series, which will bring in the switching!). 

Class will run from 7-8 and this month, dancing will be from 8-11 (since the class is accessible for beginners, we're skipping the beginner drop-in and getting right into the dancing!).