Advance Your Lindy Hop

Nalla and Jessica are returning to Seattle! Come level up your dancing from two internationally renowned instructors!

Here's a video of them from Camp Hollywood last year! 


  • 11am-12pm Class 1 (Jazz and Improvisation)
  • 12:10pm-1:10pm Class 2 (Old School to New School)
  • 1:10pm - 2pm Lunch
  • 2pm-3pm Class 3 (Rhythmic Arts)
  • 3:15pm - 4:15pm Masters Class (Fast, Challenging Routine)


Jazz and Improvisation- Learn jazz moves in lindy hop to improve your self-expression and communication with your partner. 

Old School to New School- Get inspired from the roots and explore classic moves. Use your newfound knowledge to create your own!

Rythmic Arts- Challenge yourself with new rhythms to spice up your dancing.

Masters Class- A fast, dynamic routine that will improve your understanding of performance and competition quality.
The Masters class (invite-only) will follow Class 3. Please e-mail Lloyd ([email protected]) to inquire.
Workshop schedule is subject to change leading up to the event. Please stay tuned for any updates.


Tier 1 $40
Tier 1 (SSC) $30
Tier 2 $45
Tier 2 (SSC) $35
Tier 2 Flash Sale (Followers) $30
Pay at door $50
Pay at door (SSC) $40
Single Class $20
Single Class (SSC) $15

Tier 1 price good until Saturday (June 30). Tier 2 price good until Wednesday (August 15). 


Two of Korea’s best instructors, Nalla and Jessica are known for being very versatile dancers ranging from authentic jazz to lindy hop. They specialize in fast lindyhop, charleston and musicality. They continually train, travel, teach, study swing dance history and also, perform with swing bands – Gipsy & Fish Orchestra, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Evans Big Band and Sage Min Swingtet. They pride themselves with basing their dancing on original styles.

Not only are they great teachers, Nalla and Jessica love spreading their passion for social dancing. They have been competing since 2007, and have taken home several International and National Championship titles including ILHC, Boston Tea Party, Korea Swing Festival, Korea Balboa Classic, Busan Summer Swing Festival, and Korea Open. Also, Nalla is a main judge and made finals almost every divisions at International Lindy Hop Championships (ILHC) – Champion Strictly, All-Star JnJ, Solo, Balboa JnJ, Classic, Showcase and Team.
August 18, 2018 at 11:00am - 4pm
Century Ballroom
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