Membership Perks

To become a member, join online by selecting one of the blue links!  We are a completely volunteer-based board, so keep in mind that all donations go right back into the community and help prop-up the Seattle dance scene. We offer many benefits for only $10 a month!

We have three memberships tiers available at different prices.  

Silver Membership is available for only $10!!  You get all of the benefits of a Savoy Swing Club Member mentioned at the bottom of this page.  This level only covers the costs of our venue and helps us 'keep the lights on' so to speak, so if you want to contribute more for our cause, consider the Gold or Platinum memberships.  

Gold Membership is available for only $25!  This is for those who would like to contribute at a higher level than the introductory rate.  This level gets us to our goal of a no-cover dance a lot faster, and primes our non-profit for more success in our community endeavors. 

Platinum Membership is available for $50!  This membership is for those that really want to sponsor the club and contribute to our community programs and events, and allows for a greater experience for everybody.  This level of sponsorship really assists with operational fees such as permits, licenses, insurance, rental fees, etc.  

We know everybody is in a different financial position, so pay what you can!  We will be offering special access to event features for Gold and Platinum members as we go forward as a 'thank you' to our donors who give a little extra, but Silver membership will still give you all of our benefits around town!  

All of these payment options have an 'other' amount as well, so if you want to give a little more, but not quite the amount of the next tier, or more than the top tier - that is an option and always appreciated!

Benefits include:

For only $10 per month you get:

  • FREE ADMISSION to Savoy Mondays at the Clubhouse
  • FREE ADMISSION to Tuesday Night Practice Space at Dance Underground
  • $25 off the Seattle Lindy Extravaganza 
  • $20 off Camp Jitterbug and the Northwest Lindy Hop Championships
  • $10 off at the Harvest Moon Weekend
  • $5 off Blues Underground's live music nights
  • $1 off dances at Century Ballroom and Eastside Stomp 

Current non-monthly SSC memberships will last until the end of their current term, and will then need to convert to one of our new monthly membership programs.

That's four or five dances a month for the price of one, plus all the other perks you get around town!  If you can't always attend our dance, but love that it exists and want to support it, become a member!


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