Code of Conduct

Savoy Swing Club is not responsible for injury at our events, but does reserve the right to remove those who violate our safety standards.

Savoy Monday's at the Clubhouse and our special events are intended primarily as structured social partner dances where our feet remain on the floor. We understand that aerials are fun and sometimes incorporated in swing dance performances, but with a small venue and a packed floor, we ask that you don’t perform air-steps.

Violating these terms may lead to further discussion by an organizer or host, and repeated complaints may lead to being asked to leave without a refund. Please talk to an organizer with any concerns or questions. Savoy Swing Club has a ZERO tolerance policy for sexual harassment or hateful remarks based on ability, gender, race, or sexual orientation.

If a complaint is made concerning these actions, you may be approached by an organizer for further discussion or action, and may be banned from future dances. Consent: Savoy Swing Club believes in asking for consent. Please ask your partner before dancing. Everyone has the right to say no to a dance without being questioned. We ask that you respect that right.

By attending Savoy Swing Club you are agreeing to comply with these terms.  Failure to comply can result in a variety of actions, including but not limited to warnings, removal from the premises, or banning from all future Savoy Swing Club activities.

Organizers: Daniel Newsome, Logan Chinn, Amanda Woodcock, Jessica McKinney, Aaron Lewis, Frances Wolfe, Alexis Estrada




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