Rhythm Seattle

10841825_739908522763419_8923568705491230163_o.jpgOur goal is simple: To teach the generation of tomorrow how to respect each other, communicate thoughtfully, and have the courage to stand up for what they believe in, by learning how to social dance.  

Rhythm Seattle is our high-school outreach program bringing lindy-hop instruction into public schools as an after-school program.  This gives teenagers something fun and safe to do after school, while teaching them valuable life skills.  

Rhythm Seattle recently spent a semester at Ingraham High School in north Seattle, where the program was well received.  

Although funding is currently on hold for this program, we aim to bring it back as soon as the club is financially able.  All donations made in the name of Rhythm Seattle can be earmarked and reserved for this program specifically.  

You can find out more as our program develops by following Rhythm Seattle on Facebook.

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