We are going to have some CRAZY COOL classes from local instructors with a variety of styles and backgrounds THAT WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT! There will be six different classes that include Tap, African, House, Solo Jazz, and Lindy Hop... and our instructor's main direction is to keep it funky!  

Michael “Dargoff” Darigol:


One day long ago, a strong and gentle Mommy Dargoff, and a courageous and kind daddy Dargoff fell in love.  In fact, they loved each so much, that they made (perhaps accidentally) a little Dargoff.  Little Dargoff found joy in many many things, like baseball, bicycles, pinball, and Rainier. But, Little Dargoff grew to love two things most of all, hats (maybe 'cause of the hairline?), and Vernacular Jazz (Lindy Dargoff).  Join us as our grown up Little Dargoff shares with you, the marriage his favorite two, the Hat Trick Tranky Doo.


Katie Kihara & Mark Kihara


Mark Kihara loves lindy hop.  Nothing brings him more joy than sharing his passion for the dance and its music.  He has taught weekly classes and workshops all over the world, including being a featured instructor of Herräng Dance Camp.  Additionally he is an accomplished performer, competitor, judge, dj, emcee, event producer, and lover of fried chicken.  Inspired and tireless, Mark makes believers out of anyone who ever wondered if they could dance.

Katie Kihara has been dancing most of her life and discovered lindy hop as a teenager. Inspired by lindy hop's partnership and rhythm, Katie takes joy in both the social dance floor and the performance stage. She has been a member of multiple performance troupes including Sister Kate and Swing-a-majig. As an instructor, Katie prides herself on clear instruction that keeps classes lively and fun.

Together Mark & Katie focus on a partnership dynamic that allows for each to inspire and support the other.  They currently teach for The Century Ballroom in Seattle.





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