Register here for full weekend passes and competitions for SLX 2017!  Remember you can save $25 by becoming a Savoy Swing Club member first, which gives you discounts all over Seattle and supports our weekly dance year-round.  Can't wait to see you there! 

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July 21, 2017 at 9pm - July 24, 2017
Savoy Swing Club ·
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$125.00 Tier 1
Cheapest ticket unless you join SSC! Full weekend included.
$100.00 Savoy Swing Club Member Price
This price will always be $25 cheaper than the current tier-- become a member early and save!
$30.00 Anything but the Kitchen Sink
A partnered competition only for the brave: instructions provided on the spot! Priced per couple, please ONLY ONE PERSON REGISTER, we will get your partners name at the door. Only full weekend pass holders may register for competitions.
$15.00 Pat & Chris
Jack & Jill? What? We don't care what your gender is, we just want you to do what you do best!
$15.00 Solo Jazz Smack Down
Show us your thing and we'll see how far you can go!
$10.00 T-Shirt (Men's cut M)
$10.00 T-Shirt (Men's cut S)
$10.00 T-Shirt (Men's cut XS)
$10.00 T-Shirt (Women's cut XL)
$10.00 T-Shirt (Women's cut L)
$10.00 T-Shirt (Women's cut M)
$10.00 T-Shirt (Women's cut XS)
$10.00 T-Shirt (Women's cut S)
$10.00 T-Shirt (Men's cut XL)
$10.00 T-Shirt (Men's cut L)

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